Computex 2018 NVIDIA Live Website (1pm TW, 5am UTC)

Monday, June 4th, 2018 - GPUs, Teknologi

Computex 2018 NVIDIA Live Website (1pm TW, 5am UTC)

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01:20AM EDT – “Hyperscale computing element”

01:20AM EDT – Form factor is as important as the ATX form factor was for desktop computing

01:20AM EDT – >I can’t see USB ports

01:19AM EDT – at the bottom

01:19AM EDT – Six switches at the bottom for the 8 GPUs

01:18AM EDT – Made available for hyperscale datacenters

01:18AM EDT – Also DGX-2 becomes HGX-2

01:18AM EDT – Highest Inference Throughput

01:18AM EDT – Fastest Inference

01:18AM EDT – Fastest at scale

01:18AM EDT – Fastest single node

01:17AM EDT – Fastest single chip

01:17AM EDT – Fastest single chip

01:17AM EDT – Lots of speed records

01:17AM EDT – 300 servers replaced with one node

01:16AM EDT – Same model to compute one vs 16 with DGX-2

01:16AM EDT – All 16 GPUs can communicate at the same time

01:16AM EDT – Requires software that can do this

01:15AM EDT – Requires high levels of communication

01:15AM EDT – Teaming 16 GPUs to do a single model

01:15AM EDT – Scale up is more difficult

01:15AM EDT – Scale out vs Scale up

01:15AM EDT – Single model per GPU, or One model across system

01:15AM EDT – Parallel computing in two ways on DGX-2

01:14AM EDT – 2 PFLOPS in one box

01:14AM EDT – 125 TFLOPS of Tensor Core Perf in one chip

01:14AM EDT – 32GB of HBM

01:14AM EDT – Volta is 21 B transistors at 12FF

01:14AM EDT – Volta Tensor Cores

01:14AM EDT – Need to compute at a large dynamic range

01:13AM EDT – V100 fuses computational with high precision numerics and deep learning

01:13AM EDT – Announced before. 16x V100 GPUs

01:13AM EDT – Now showing DGX-2

01:13AM EDT – Create the ecosystem to take systems over the workd

01:12AM EDT – Phase 1 is for the industry to create the fundamental computing platform, hardware and software, and the tools

01:12AM EDT – Today, talking about 3 phases talking about this new computing model

01:12AM EDT – We have to advance computing performance by at least the same scale – we do it with GPU computing

01:12AM EDT – We are expecting application demand to increase over 1000 in 10 years

01:11AM EDT – “What kind of computer do you have to build to enable software to write software?”

01:11AM EDT – In time, software will write software

01:10AM EDT – DL and AI driving more compute than ever

01:10AM EDT – More demand for computing horsepower than before

01:10AM EDT – >Bifurcation of single thread vs multi

01:10AM EDT – How computers are made has to change – how software will be used has to be incredible

01:09AM EDT – Two powerful forces coming to change computing architecture

01:09AM EDT – New era of computing coming

01:08AM EDT – ‘This year will be pretty amazing for GeForce’

01:08AM EDT – This fall will see three games: COD Black Ops 4 (with Battle Royale mode), Battlefield 5, Shadow of the Tomb Raider

01:07AM EDT – GTX class GPUs went from 17% of NV to 50% in 5 years

01:07AM EDT – Developers have a larger install base for GPUs and gaming

01:07AM EDT – Game consoles create a positive feedback system

01:06AM EDT – >Gaming is bigger than film

01:06AM EDT – Production value of games also increasing

01:06AM EDT – +10M weekly gamers in 8 months

01:06AM EDT – In 8 months, PC gaming market increased due to Battle Royale gaming type

01:05AM EDT – always reinventing itself

01:05AM EDT – New content continues to get richer

01:05AM EDT – Always new things you can do with it

01:05AM EDT – PC Gaming is doing great and is vibrant

01:04AM EDT – Last year we had 8 MaxQ. Now we have 26

01:04AM EDT – The market wants thin and light notebooks

01:01AM EDT – Gaming notebooks at 18 mm, 5 lbs, GTX 1080

01:01AM EDT – Last year went for thin form factor GPUs with MaxQ

01:01AM EDT – Second topic is AI, Third is AI implications, Fourth is a new market NVIDIA is pursing

01:00AM EDT – Technology demand for the processors is growing exponentially

01:00AM EDT – First update is on GeForce

01:00AM EDT – We know the future of computing is going to look different

01:00AM EDT – Japan, China, Europe, Israel, Washington DC etc

01:00AM EDT – More GTC spin-out events

12:59AM EDT – GTC became world’s largest developer conference

12:59AM EDT – Last week we had GTC Taiwan

12:59AM EDT – Jensen is handing out more cookies

12:58AM EDT – OK here we start

12:58AM EDT – Looks like the V100 being used

12:56AM EDT – Sorry, Pegasus

12:56AM EDT – Isn’t Xavier meant to have two next-gen GPUs? It looks like it has the older GPUs on for now

12:55AM EDT – Up on the stage is an HGX-2 (OEM version of DGX-2), a V100, Xavier

12:54AM EDT – Disclosure: I haven’t had lunch. The sandwich was green. I haven’t had time to eat it yet.

12:52AM EDT – Jensen approached the press crowd outside the event with sandwiches and cookies for lunch. Easy PR move

12:52AM EDT – One wonders what NVIDIA will be announcing

12:52AM EDT – Surprisingly everything on stage is not under wraps.

12:51AM EDT – We’re here at NVIDIA for our first Live Website of Computex. Event starts in a few minutes.

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