Flash Memory Summit 2018, SK Hynix Keynote Live Website: NAND Development

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 - Storage, Teknologi

Flash Memory Summit 2018, SK Hynix Keynote Live Website: NAND Development


05:23PM EDT – Three parts to this talk

05:23PM EDT – They’re going way too fast already

05:23PM EDT – Bits per wafer has increased 60x over the past 10 years

05:23PM EDT – Increasing NAND density in the future

05:24PM EDT – one BGA package now has as much capaity as a whole wafer a decade ago

05:24PM EDT – Revolution of NAND. Increasing the density through 3D NAND, CRG, PUC

05:25PM EDT – Charge Trap Flash advantages over floating gate

05:25PM EDT – Smaller cells, better programming time, better read time, better P/E cycles

05:26PM EDT – Differences in structure depends on where electrons are stored

05:26PM EDT – Isolate materials to store electrons

05:26PM EDT – Floating gate has structural limitations

05:26PM EDT – Nitride in CTF means no interference

05:26PM EDT – process is simple and productivity is better

05:26PM EDT – Suppliers choose CTF for their products

05:27PM EDT – PUC puts most of the circuits under the cell

05:27PM EDT – But requires more process steps

05:27PM EDT – Overall cost competitiveness, PUC wins

05:27PM EDT – 4D NAND = CTF + PUC

05:28PM EDT – (it’s a very odd name)

05:28PM EDT – (Intel and Micron have been doing the equivalent of PUC since their first-generation 3D NAND)

05:28PM EDT – First 4D NAND – 96 stacks

05:28PM EDT – 512 Gb TLC product

05:28PM EDT – sampling from Q4 2018

05:28PM EDT – mobile package at 11.5 x 13.0 mm

05:29PM EDT – 1.2 Gbps/pin IO Speed

05:29PM EDT – Bigger BGA procuct for 1Tb TLC

05:29PM EDT – Max 2GB for BGA, Max 64TB in U.2

05:30PM EDT – Sampling from H1 2019

05:30PM EDT – V5 = version 5 ?

05:30PM EDT – or V5 is the product name

05:31PM EDT – +30% read perf, +25% write perf, 150% better Bandwidth/Power

05:31PM EDT – 96 lyaer vs 72 layer (v5 compared to v4)

05:31PM EDT – 30% smaller chip size

05:32PM EDT – also looking at QLC

05:32PM EDT – 1Tb in mini die

05:32PM EDT – aiming for replacing near-line HDD

05:32PM EDT – Sampling in H2 2019

05:32PM EDT – Uses 4D NAND V5

05:32PM EDT – Already working on 128 stacks in V6 product

05:32PM EDT – 1Tb QLC in 2H ’19 means SK Hynix will continue to lag behind the other NAND manufacturers

05:33PM EDT – looking at over 500 stacks in the future

05:33PM EDT – (where’s the 5D ?!? )

05:33PM EDT – Looking to put 8TB on one package chip by 2025

05:34PM EDT – y-axis is TB/wafer

05:35PM EDT – So the news: 4D NAND in V5 product. 96 stacks, looking at 512Gb and 1Tb chips. Sampling by 2019

05:35PM EDT – Aiming for 500 stacks. CTF will get us there

05:35PM EDT – Next SK Hynix speaker

05:36PM EDT – Transitioning SK Hynix into a solutions company

05:36PM EDT – In 2018, half of SK Hynix production will be 3D NAND V4

05:36PM EDT – +20% perf over V3

05:37PM EDT – SK Hynix own-brand Enterprise SSDs already in deployment in Azure

05:37PM EDT – PE4010

05:38PM EDT – Also SE4011 PCIe SSD deployed to HPE

05:38PM EDT – Also passed 1st phase of tencent eval in Q2 2018 with this SSD

05:38PM EDT – Sorry, SE4011 is a SATA SSD

05:39PM EDT – new NVMe SSD PE6000 sampling from Q4 2018

05:39PM EDT – 650K random read IOPS with 11W

05:39PM EDT – Dual Support

05:39PM EDT – U.2 form factor

05:40PM EDT – all the enterprise-grade NVMe features: IO determinism, multi-streams, dual-port, NVM Sets

05:40PM EDT – Transition into a solution company

05:41PM EDT – firmware from top to bottom from 2019 with 4D NAND V5

05:41PM EDT – Now innovation in Next Storage Systems

05:42PM EDT – NVMe-oF using 4D NAND 1Tb

05:42PM EDT – Demo on the show floor

05:43PM EDT – 1.6PB in a 2U

05:43PM EDT – Also developing fie systems

05:44PM EDT – Reducing write amplification

05:44PM EDT – New transactional protocol for atomic operations

05:44PM EDT – New API for storage operations to remove overhead

05:45PM EDT – Transactional SSDs

05:45PM EDT – 40% increase transactions per second, 30% reduction in writes (improvement in endurance)

05:46PM EDT – Didn’t put a timeframe on Transactional SSD, but it seems to be aligned with 4D NAND

05:46PM EDT – SK Hynix is increasing in capacity

05:47PM EDT – Starting production in M15 in 2019. 250k wafer starts per month

05:47PM EDT – M16 fab cost $3B, construction complete in 2020

05:47PM EDT – That’s a wrap. YMTC next!

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