Google I/O Opening Keynote Live-Website (10am PT)

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 - Mobile, Teknologi

Google I/O Opening Keynote Live-Website (10am PT)

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02:00PM EDT – 10 years of Android – The T-Mobile G1 was the first phone with Android.

02:00PM EDT – Dave Burke taking the stage.

01:59PM EDT – Android’s “openness” is a key aspect that Google’s focusing on here.

01:59PM EDT – Introduction video showcasing Android’s strengths over the years.

01:58PM EDT – We’re focusing towards Android now.

01:58PM EDT – It will be rolled out on Android, iOS in 127 starting today.

01:57PM EDT – It’s an interesting take on aggregating paid content.

01:57PM EDT – Google build this with over 60 publishers around the world and will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

01:57PM EDT – Newsstand allows you to subscribe with Google to paid publications.

01:56PM EDT – Full coverage is not filtered based on the user’s habits, but rather something that will be identical to all users universally.

01:55PM EDT – It uses its real-time event analysis to create a timeline of an story and its events.

01:54PM EDT – Google organizes news stories based on their “temporal co-locality”.

01:53PM EDT – Understanding the full story- it’s a lot of effort to bring together a lot of sources and to sum it up in its fullest.

01:52PM EDT – It uses natural language processing to bring news content on a topic together in a visually expressive presentation.

01:52PM EDT – There’s a new visual format called Newscasts.

01:52PM EDT – The new GN app is builed with the new Material Theme.

01:51PM EDT – The headlines category contains the large worldwide stories.

01:50PM EDT – Google pulls from various sources, for example it also pulls from local news outlets as it knows your location.

01:50PM EDT – As soon as you open GN – the top five stories are always the stories that you care most about.

01:49PM EDT – With the new GN – 3 things are the key aspects that are improved.

01:49PM EDT – The new Google News – Trystan Upstill taking the stage to explain more.

01:49PM EDT – AI has been used to improve the relevancy and quality of the news sources.

01:48PM EDT – Google has a responsibility to provide news.

01:48PM EDT – Google News initiative invests $300M over the next 3 years to collaborate with news outlets to improve the quality of news.

01:48PM EDT – “Support quality journalism” – We agree!

01:47PM EDT – Sundar is addressing the issue of journalism – fake news being brought up?

01:47PM EDT – This is part of the Digital Wellbeing site rolling out soon.

01:46PM EDT – Family Link enables managing kids’ screen time.

01:46PM EDT – I wonder if this creates an echo-chamber in terms of information….

01:45PM EDT – Google understands your habits and focuses on the content which you are interested in.

01:45PM EDT – JOMO – Joy of missing out.

01:44PM EDT – People are anxious about missing information – “FOMO” Fear of missing out.

01:44PM EDT – “Digital well-being” is being addressed now.

01:44PM EDT – Giving users back time is a core goal for Google.

01:43PM EDT – The feature will be rolling out as an experiment in the comings weeks.

01:42PM EDT – Another demo demonstrating a restaurant reservation which doesn’t go as one would think- the assistant still managed to navigate through the conversation succesfully.

01:41PM EDT – This is very amazing as it demonstrates a full fledged voice “AI” that’s able to have conversations.

01:40PM EDT – For example making an appointment through Assitant to a hair dresser – the Assistant will actually call the business to make a real appointment.

01:39PM EDT – Connecting users to businesses is also a core aspect of this – AI can help with this with connecting you with businesses who do not have an online presence.

01:38PM EDT – Making calls is a core aspect of this.

01:38PM EDT – The mission of Assistant is to help you to get things done.

01:38PM EDT – Sundar taking back the stage.

01:38PM EDT – Google Assitant will be integrated into Google Maps this summer.

01:37PM EDT – The new visual assitant will be launched on Android later in the summer and iOS later in the year.

01:36PM EDT – Demonstration of food pickup & delivery experience. I’m wondering how far this will actually be adopted outside of small areas.

01:35PM EDT – The assistant takes full advantage of the screen for content response.

01:35PM EDT – Inspired by the smart display experiences, this translated into improvements on phone based Assistant.

01:34PM EDT – There’s many more of ways that SmartDisplays can make home actions easier.

01:33PM EDT – YouTube & YouTube TV will be added onto Smart Displays.

01:33PM EDT – The device is controlled by voice but because it has a screen it’s a much more rich assistant.

01:32PM EDT – We’re looking at the first demo – a Lenovo smart display.

01:32PM EDT – Visually assistive features now coming into focus.

01:31PM EDT – “Pretty please” is a feature to make GA require to be polite for requests.

01:29PM EDT – “Multiple Actions” follows the conversation and stiches together several requests- it’s very hard to parse sentences like these.

01:28PM EDT – The feature is called Continued Conversation and will be rolling out in the coming future.

01:27PM EDT – The Assistant now understands when you are talking to it and when you’re talking to somebody else.

01:27PM EDT – There’s no longer a need to say “Hey Google” everytime to enable it – it will naturally follow the conversation.

01:26PM EDT – Natural conversation is an important aspect.

01:26PM EDT – We’re now covering new enhancements to the Assitant.

01:25PM EDT – Last year it was launched in India and has gained a 3x uptake in adoption.

01:25PM EDT – It’s available in over 40 auto brand and 5000 Assitant enabled devices.

01:25PM EDT – Two years ago the Assistant was announced at IO – today it’s available on 500M devices.

01:24PM EDT – Scott Huffman taking the stage.

01:23PM EDT – New video demonstrating Google Assistant scenarios.

01:23PM EDT – John Legend’s voice is coming to the assistant – Wavenet allows to capture his voice and to synthesize it. Coming later this year.

01:21PM EDT – This results in 6 new voices to the Google Assistant – all sounding very natural.

01:21PM EDT – Wavenet models the human voice to create a new synthesized voice.

01:20PM EDT – Over 100Petaflops ML capability currently deployed.

01:20PM EDT – The new TPU3 is said to be 8x more performant than TPU2 and will require liquid cooling in the datacenter.

01:19PM EDT – Sundar is announceing a new TPU generation – TPU3.

01:19PM EDT – An astounding new feature is the colorize feature for black & white pictures. This is a key demonstration of machine learning into a very real use-case.

01:18PM EDT – If you take a picture of a document, it will convert it into a PDF and clean it up.

01:18PM EDT – Say the image is underexposed – the app will offer options to correct this.

01:17PM EDT – It for example offers already sharing capability to the users who are recognized in the picture.

01:17PM EDT – Every day over 5B photos are viewed by users. A new feature called Suggested Actions a new set of actions is presented based on the image contents.

01:16PM EDT – It analyses the context of the email conversation for prediction. It will be rolling out publicly end of this month.

01:16PM EDT – SmartCompose starts suggesting phrases when starting an email – you just have to press tab to continue to it to autocomplete.

01:15PM EDT – GMail’s new refreshed design is also bringing AI features.

01:14PM EDT – Now rolling a video on Gboard – Google’s Keyboard – and how adding support for Morse Code improved accessibility

01:11PM EDT – Next example for AI – when two people talk over each other, machine learning can separate the audio through audio analysis and image cues.

01:10PM EDT – In general there is a lot of enthusiasm in the medical space with AI/Machine learning diagnosis as it’s one of the aspects that can vastly outperform human diagnosis.

01:09PM EDT – AI can help predict medical events before a patient will become sick.

01:08PM EDT – Machine learning assisted diagnosis offers a lot opportunity.

01:08PM EDT – Machine learning assisted diagnosis offers a lot opportunity.

01:08PM EDT – Healthcare is the most important fields AI is going to transform.

01:07PM EDT – Google is opening AI centers around the world.

01:07PM EDT – AI enables solving problems in new ways. Last year Google AI has been announced to bring AI to everyone.

01:06PM EDT – Google is focused on bringing digital skills to enable creating developers needed for the rising technology needs.

01:05PM EDT – It’s been an extraordinary year on all fronts – an inflexion point in computing.

01:04PM EDT – Sundar addresses a major bug in one of the core products – reference to the Cheeseburger Emoji

01:04PM EDT – Over 7000 people attending the event in the theater.

01:03PM EDT – Google CEO Sundar Pichai is taking the stage.

01:02PM EDT – Lots of pixels!

01:01PM EDT – Intro video with cubes – I wonder what they represent.

01:00PM EDT – The event is starting.

12:51PM EDT – The keynote should be kicking off in 10 minutes.

11:46AM EDT – The event will be starting at 10am PT – a little bit over an hour from now so stay tuned.

11:43AM EDT – Hello everybody and welcome to the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View where we’ll be live covering Google’s IO 2018 opening keynote.

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