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Huawei Mate 20 Announcement Live Website


09:10AM EDT – Hello folks, we’ve has some technical issues as both on-site location and the stream has failed.

09:11AM EDT – We missed the first 10 minutes of the event, but picking up from here.

09:11AM EDT – We have the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro announced today.

09:12AM EDT – Picking up from where the event is going now, the Mate 20 Pro is introducing a new DPS sensor (in-screen fingerprint).

09:12AM EDT – Huawei is introducing a new SD card format: nanoSD, same format as the nanoSIM.

09:13AM EDT – The Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro have no speaker grill – the sound comes out of the USB C jack hole.

09:14AM EDT – The new Mate 20 Pro is IP68.

09:14AM EDT – The Mate 20, even though it has a glass back, has a special micro-bump surface to make it less slippery.

09:16AM EDT – The Mate 20’s are powered by the new 7nm Kirin 980 – this is the first SoC with Arm’s new A76, G76, and Huawei claims to have the fastest WiFi and modem.

09:17AM EDT – Big performance as well as power efficiency improvements, on CPU, GPU as well as the new NPU.

09:18AM EDT – 1s faster launch times in applications than competing smartphones, across a variety of applications.

09:19AM EDT – Sustained performance of the smartphone over longer duration. No degradation as found in other smartphones, this is linked to the NAND storage of the phones.

09:19AM EDT – The new Mate 20 has a new 4200 mAh battery.

09:20AM EDT – New super charging, 40W peak charging power, in half an hour it charges up to 70%.

09:20AM EDT – TÜI has certified the charging method as the safest charging method.

09:21AM EDT – 15W wireless charging is now supported by Huawei for the first time.

09:21AM EDT – 70% faster wireless charging than other phones.

09:22AM EDT – You can also reverse charge other devices with the Mate 20 Pro.

09:23AM EDT – New 1.4Gbps LTE modem, and promising much better antenna performance.

09:24AM EDT – Dual-frequency band GPS, L1 and L5. With 10x accuracy.

09:25AM EDT – Comparison video between the different GPS accuracy in a city environment with high buildings.

09:25AM EDT – “Matrix camera system”

09:26AM EDT – 16MP main sensor, 12MP wide angle, 8MP zoom on the Mate 20.

09:26AM EDT – 40MP main, same as on the P20 Pro, 20MP wide angle, and 8MP zoom on the Mate 20 Pro.

09:27AM EDT – 125% larger than other sensors

09:28AM EDT – As we’ve seen in past reviews, Huawei’s extreme low-light sensitivity is unrivalled.

09:28AM EDT – Huawei doesn’t use OIS on the main sensors, and instead relies on their “AIS” EIS implementation.

09:29AM EDT – 10-photo exposure for HDR capture.

09:30AM EDT – Swirl bokeh effects for portrait mode.

09:31AM EDT – 16mm equivalent focal length to up to 80mm optical zoom – or 135mm hybrid zoom mode.

09:32AM EDT – Looking forward for wide angle modules to be more common in smartphones, I think it’s much more useful than telephoto lenses!

09:33AM EDT – Different sample shots taken with the different cameras.

09:34AM EDT – Macro mode capture up to 2.5cm from the object.

09:35AM EDT – Huawei offers an accessory case with up to 5m water proofing.

09:35AM EDT – Now talking about the new NPU of the new Kirin, and how it’s used.

09:36AM EDT – Uses real-time processing to change the background colour and retaining a target colour.

09:37AM EDT – Inside the notch of the Mate 20 Pro, we have a dot projector, flood illuminator, and IR camera.

09:38AM EDT – Huawei offers Face ID like face unlocking as well as payment security.

09:38AM EDT – Naturally, Huawei also supports live expression emojis “3D Live Emoji”

09:40AM EDT – 3D Live scanning of objects for generation of 3D models.

09:40AM EDT – Scanning each side of an object, scanning every surface.

09:41AM EDT – Once you have the object scanned, the phone builds a 3D model.

09:41AM EDT – This is actually really cool!

09:41AM EDT – You can even now animate the object, and do skeletal modelling.

09:42AM EDT – It gives the 3D model animation possibility.

09:43AM EDT – It can use AR to give the scanned 3D object, the panda in this case, movements. And actually even controlling the character.

09:44AM EDT – You can also do video recording with the AR character.

09:45AM EDT – Really cool demo with the 3D object scanning!

09:46AM EDT – Moving on, more sample shots done by Huawei smartphone users.

09:47AM EDT – EMUI 9, with Android P / Android 9

09:49AM EDT – Full gesture navigation in EMUI 9, swipe from left or right as back action. Swipe from bottom for home, and swipe from bottom and hold for multi-tasking.

09:50AM EDT – I really like that Huawei enables the back action on two sides of the screen, something other vendors fail to do in their gesture implementations.

09:51AM EDT – Secure applications, duplicate applications in terms of application management.

09:52AM EDT – Instant translations and object detection in the camera

09:53AM EDT – The phone can also use the 3D scanning to calculate the calories in a meal.

09:53AM EDT – PC mode, with the phone connected to a large screen with a cable. Now the Mate 20 now support Miracasting to a large screen.

09:54AM EDT – If your TV doesn’t support Miracast, there’s a Huawei wireless dongle available.

09:55AM EDT – Sharing between devices at up to 61MB/s

09:55AM EDT – 1000 images shared in 2 minutes.

09:56AM EDT – Bob Borchers, VP of marketing of Google on stage.

09:56AM EDT – First wave of Android 9 devices.

09:58AM EDT – Talking about the integration of new Android 9 security features with the new Huawei devices.

09:58AM EDT – Talking about the Android 9 features, such as digital well-being features that were covered earlier this summer.

09:59AM EDT – Huawei shares the same vision and beliefs, and makes use of the new APIs.

09:59AM EDT – The new Mate 20 are YouTube signature devices.

09:59AM EDT – HDR video 4K video with next generation codecs are criterias

10:00AM EDT – ARCore is supported by the Mate 20’s.

10:02AM EDT – New “Android enterprise recommended” devices which have criteria for hardware, software deployment, security updates.

10:02AM EDT – Mate 20’s are part of the programme.

10:03AM EDT – Summing up all the new improvements of the Mate 20, in different aspects leading other industry players.

10:05AM EDT – Porsche Design CEO Jan Becker on the stage

10:06AM EDT – Porsche Design Mate 20 RS

10:07AM EDT – Second generation PD phone, following the Mate RS

10:10AM EDT – So much talking saying nothing… It’s a Mate 20 Pro with leather stripes on the back.

10:13AM EDT – Richard Yu back on stage, talking about the leather.

10:13AM EDT – No camera bump on the Mate 20 RS.

10:14AM EDT – 8GB + 256 or 512 GB models for the Mate 20 RS

10:16AM EDT – “One more big thing”

10:16AM EDT – Huawei Mate 20 X with a 7.2″ screen.

10:17AM EDT – 7.2″ OLED screen, though we didn’t catch the resolution.

10:18AM EDT – Supports the Huawei Pen.

10:18AM EDT – Sporting a 5000mAh battery.

10:19AM EDT – Significantly better battery life than the iPhone XS Max

10:20AM EDT – Vapour chamber and graphene film cooling

10:21AM EDT – Much lower temperature after sustained gaming sessions, thanks to the new efficient SoC and cooling system dissipating the heat throughout the frame.

10:23AM EDT – Larger screen, bigger battery and double the battery life of a Nintendo Switch

10:24AM EDT – One thing is still missing is the price.

10:25AM EDT – Introducing the new Huawei Watch GT

10:26AM EDT – High resolution 454×454 touch screen

10:27AM EDT – Heartbeat monitoring on the new watch

10:28AM EDT – 15m water resistance on the Watch GT

10:30AM EDT – Sorry for the readers – this live stream camera panning is a complete disaster and I can’t catch any slide in its competeness.

10:30AM EDT – Video now about the new Watch GT.

10:32AM EDT – Finally something wrapping up the event, please just announce the pricing!

10:33AM EDT – Pricing pricing pricing!!!

10:34AM EDT – 4+128 and 6+128GB for the Mate 20

10:34AM EDT – 1049€ for the Mate 20 Pro

10:35AM EDT – That’s a wrap people! Our apologies for the disaster in the first 15 minutes!

10:35AM EDT – .

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