Intel CES 2019 Keynote: A Live Website (4pm PT, Midnight UTC)

Tuesday, January 8th, 2019 - CPUs, Teknologi

Intel CES 2019 Keynote: A Live Website (4pm PT, Midnight UTC)

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07:17PM EST – Next Era of Mobile Computing

07:17PM EST – Also Project Athena

07:16PM EST – early engineering builds in XPS in the labs

07:16PM EST – Show and Tell with Ice Lake

07:15PM EST – Dell to the stage

07:14PM EST – Ice Lake with Gaming

07:14PM EST – Ice Lake with DL boost should give 2x perf boost

07:14PM EST – Searching for photos with AI indentifying ‘water’

07:13PM EST – Bringing AI to client

07:13PM EST – Can run a 4K display under Gen11

07:12PM EST – Ice Lake in action

07:12PM EST – Will be in thin and light 2-in-1 systems

07:12PM EST – New VNNI instructions

07:11PM EST – 10nm, TB3, Gen11 graphics, Sunny Cove, Wi-Fi 6

07:11PM EST – Integrated platform on shelves holiday 2019

07:11PM EST – Ice Lake

07:10PM EST – People want a platform that is already ready to go and adapts to their use

07:10PM EST – Discussing mobile in more general terms

07:09PM EST – Also 9th Gen Core mobile coming in Q2

07:09PM EST – >While they have two 27-inch AIOs based on 9th Gen and a couple of other PCs

07:09PM EST – ‘You used to need thousands of dollars of hardware’

07:08PM EST – A mix of EDM and other stuff

07:08PM EST – Kawehi, One Woman Band

07:07PM EST – ‘The PC is the instrument’

07:07PM EST – Going through the music demo at the beginning with the DJ

07:05PM EST – Launching 6 new 9th gen processors, Core i3 to Core i9

07:05PM EST – Building the family out

07:04PM EST – Recently launched first 5 GHz CPU, solder TIM CPUs

07:04PM EST – only Intel can address the full market, top to bottom

07:04PM EST – it’s a broad definition

07:04PM EST – that’s where they go to do what matters

07:04PM EST – 80% of people choose to focus on a PC to do work

07:03PM EST – What makes the PC special, it’s the place people go to focus

07:03PM EST – All about client connected devices

07:03PM EST – PC is the touchpoint in this Data-Centric era

07:03PM EST – $300B includes client, PCs, datacenter, AI, Automotive

07:03PM EST – Intel has been evolving from a PC-Centric to a Data-Centric company delivering solutions

07:02PM EST – Greg Bryant to the stage

07:02PM EST – As far as I know, there’s not going to be any comment about a new CEO or about Intel’s increased demand situation

07:00PM EST – Video time

07:00PM EST – Scale unmatched by others

06:59PM EST – Today and the next era of computing

06:59PM EST – $300B TAM with data-driven segments

06:59PM EST – ‘Backdrop of Intel’s stregy is working’

06:59PM EST – 10nm development on track with product updates

06:59PM EST – Accelerating innovation in 5G and AI

06:59PM EST – Newest edition of 9th gen

06:59PM EST – networking, edge computing, auto driving, consumer stuff

06:58PM EST – Greg Bryant and Nevin Shenoy making announcements during the event

06:58PM EST – Laura Anderson to the stage, VP and BM of Global Comms


06:57PM EST – About to begin

06:55PM EST – It’s definitely not busy in here

06:47PM EST – Laptops and servers on the stage, so perhaps some Foveros and Cascade Lake ?

06:46PM EST – Room seats around 400-500. Seems small for an Intel presentation

06:44PM EST – Beat Box DJ providing ambience

06:44PM EST – Starting in 15 minutes or so

06:44PM EST – Andrei and I are here front row

06:43PM EST – We’re here at Intel, ready for their keynote presentation. Gregory Bryant and Nevin Shenoy are presenting. Starts at 4pm local time.

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