Intel Datacenter Summit 2018 Live Website

Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 - CPUs, Teknologi

Intel Datacenter Summit 2018 Live Website

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12:42PM EDT – So this is AVX512-VNNI

12:42PM EDT – AI-Boost for INT8

12:42PM EDT – Adding new instrucntions for AI, AI0Boost

12:41PM EDT – Now Cascade

12:41PM EDT – Generated 1B of revenue for Xeon in 2017

12:41PM EDT – Step function increase in performance has a significant impact in revenue

12:40PM EDT – Need a platform with ultimate flexibility

12:40PM EDT – well received by customers

12:39PM EDT – 5.4x since July 2017, launch of Xeon-SP, inference perf

12:39PM EDT – From AVX-512 and software optimizations

12:39PM EDT – From Haswell to Skylake, improved inference by 277x, training by 240x times

12:38PM EDT – Reinventing Xeon for AI

12:38PM EDT – 60 SKUs (official, numerous off-roadmap)

12:38PM EDT – 8+ socket support

12:38PM EDT – Ultimate flexibility

12:38PM EDT – up to 1.48x per core, 1.72x for L3 packet forwarding, 3.2x Linpack, 1.85x database, 1.45x memory caching

12:38PM EDT – Leadership performance vs x86 competitors

12:37PM EDT – Rate of adoption has been accelerating

12:37PM EDT – Q2, Intel shipped 2M units

12:37PM EDT – Fastest ramp to 1M

12:37PM EDT – Google was an early Xeon-SP sampling plan

12:36PM EDT – Confidence in the ability to deliver leadership for Xeon

12:36PM EDT – Have confidence we can tailor Xeon for a broad set of workloads

12:36PM EDT – Recently, TSX, QuickAssist, AVX-512

12:36PM EDT – Lots of new technologies

12:35PM EDT – Support for scale up workloads

12:35PM EDT – Xeon is tailored to the workloads that our customers care about

12:35PM EDT – Intel has been *so* successful in the data center

12:35PM EDT – over $130B of revenue

12:35PM EDT – Shipped over 220m Xeons

12:35PM EDT – Consistently delivered advancements

12:35PM EDT – 20th anniversary of Xeon

12:34PM EDT – Investing for decades on processors

12:34PM EDT – Now for processing everything

12:34PM EDT – Only scratching the surface

12:34PM EDT – A lot of engineers working 365 days a year for this

12:33PM EDT – ISVs are getting ready for Optane DIMMs

12:33PM EDT – Broad industry support

12:33PM EDT – (Despite the announcement a couple of months ago… ?!)

12:33PM EDT – First production module of Optane DIMMs

12:32PM EDT – Google is awaiting the first Optane Persistence memory – the first retail units just shipped for Google

12:32PM EDT – A lot of pull and a lot of interest

12:32PM EDT – The larger the data sets, need to scale

12:31PM EDT – Reducing downtime

12:31PM EDT – D in DRAM is a problem – need persistence

12:31PM EDT – Partnership with Intel and SAP HANA running on GCP VMs powered by Optane Persistent Memory using Cascade Lake

12:30PM EDT – Bringing it out as soon as possible

12:30PM EDT – Going for very demanding workloads

12:30PM EDT – Not only talking about innovations

12:30PM EDT – (Raja just took a photo of me)

12:29PM EDT – millions of hours of product use time

12:29PM EDT – Using AVX for 20-40% or even 100% perf improvements

12:29PM EDT – Working with Intel directly allowed Google to deploy at scale quicker than usual hardware cycles

12:28PM EDT – Demonstrates how you can transform the cloud

12:28PM EDT – Early adoption of Skylake was important to Google

12:28PM EDT – Engineering engagement with Google

12:28PM EDT – Working hard with Optane deployment

12:28PM EDT – Google was first to deploy Skylake

12:28PM EDT – Help customers adopt new technology faster

12:28PM EDT – Multi-year partnership

12:27PM EDT – Bart Sano,VP of Platforms from Google Cloud, to the stage

12:27PM EDT – Intel is super excited

12:27PM EDT – From 3×9 to 5×9 availability

12:27PM EDT – Enables high-availability systems

12:26PM EDT – Such as persistence

12:26PM EDT – Delivering the promises of the hardware

12:26PM EDT – Enable 9x read transactions, 11x users per systems

12:26PM EDT – Performance is 8x in certain use cases, such as SparkSQL compared to DRAM only systems

12:26PM EDT – develop the software and ecosystm

12:26PM EDT – Revamp the IMC on the CPU

12:25PM EDT – Research for over a decade

12:25PM EDT – Intel is uniquely positioned to deliver

12:25PM EDT – $10B market

12:25PM EDT – Opportunities are huge

12:25PM EDT – Solving bottlenecks in the DRAM tier

12:25PM EDT – Enabling new workloads that were not possible before

12:24PM EDT – At the top is Optane DIMMs, coming with Cascade Lake

12:24PM EDT – 40x lower latency, higher endurance than a NAND SSD

12:24PM EDT – Introduced Optane SSDs a few quarters ago

12:24PM EDT – Annnounced QLC NAND

12:24PM EDT – and 3D NAND

12:23PM EDT – Insert Optane DIMMs and Optane Storage

12:23PM EDT – Hot tier (DRAM), warm tier (SSD), cold tier (HDD/Tape)

12:22PM EDT – Re-architecting the memory/storage hierarchy

12:22PM EDT – Now storage

12:22PM EDT – Working with top cloud providers and OEMs

12:22PM EDT – Plugging at it for 18 months+

12:22PM EDT – Silicon Photonics is looking at lowest cost per bit, lowest power per bit

12:21PM EDT – Moving data around rack-to-rack with optical

12:21PM EDT – Coming 2019: Cascade Glacier SmartNIC

12:21PM EDT – The biggest opportunity comes in optical

12:21PM EDT – Combining assets FPGA and Ethernet portfolios

12:21PM EDT – Many cloud customers want to drive offload

12:21PM EDT – Driving infrastructure offload

12:20PM EDT – Moving into SmartNICs

12:20PM EDT – Omnipath is succesful, 10G eth is #1 in the market

12:20PM EDT – Intel is growing R&D

12:20PM EDT – Connectivity is increasingly goriwng as a bottleneck

12:20PM EDT – Data traffic within data center, moving data rack to rack is growing

12:19PM EDT – Starting with moving data

12:19PM EDT – Workload accelerated products

12:19PM EDT – Need to move data faster, need to store more, need to process everything

12:19PM EDT – New era of data center technology

12:18PM EDT – Building AI into a lot of the portfolio

12:18PM EDT – Building purpose built products for AI

12:18PM EDT – $2.5B today, $10B in 2022 (TAM)

12:18PM EDT – 30% CAGR expected

12:18PM EDT – Also AI

12:18PM EDT – Customers are responding

12:17PM EDT – (there was a small air cooler on that system)

12:17PM EDT – There’s 1.5m base stations sold every year – we see the market getting more compute intense

12:17PM EDT – As the world shifts from 4G to 5G

12:17PM EDT – Intel SSD

12:17PM EDT – Intel NIC

12:17PM EDT – Reference design includes Xeon-D

12:17PM EDT – Optimized for space and cooling

12:16PM EDT – 5G baseband reference design for edge compute

12:16PM EDT – One example on stage

12:16PM EDT – Software and ecosystem

12:16PM EDT – Instruction set optimizations

12:16PM EDT – Low power through high perf

12:16PM EDT – Requires top to bottom approach

12:16PM EDT – Now applying through the core, to the edge, to the access of the network

12:16PM EDT – Looking to benefit from the same economics

12:16PM EDT – Moving off of proprietary equipment to dedicated servers

12:15PM EDT – Intel has 20% of the market today

12:15PM EDT – $24B TAM for 2022

12:15PM EDT – Now networking

12:15PM EDT – All about strategy and growth

12:15PM EDT – Highly customized products for their needs

12:15PM EDT – Further customized products for specific customers

12:14PM EDT – Diversity of needs of companies has led to a deeper intimate relationship with customers

12:14PM EDT – Intel views that as expansive

12:14PM EDT – New use cases like AI are coming to the public cloud

12:14PM EDT – Intel Cloud SP CPU Volume has increased from 18% to 50% from 2013 to 2017

12:13PM EDT – Increasing need for custom CPUs

12:13PM EDT – 2/3 of cloud is TAM expansion

12:13PM EDT – Easy on-demand access to resources

12:13PM EDT – Time to talk about 3 of the growth drivers – cloud, netowkr and AI

12:12PM EDT – Set to grow market share

12:12PM EDT – Only have 20% of the market today

12:12PM EDT – Biggest opportunity in the company history

12:12PM EDT – 9% CAGR 2017-2022

12:12PM EDT – That has now increased to $200B

12:12PM EDT – Intel is set to address $160B TAM in 2021

12:11PM EDT – Intel believes that it sees a big and expanding total available market

12:11PM EDT – Edge, Vision, AI, Cloud

12:11PM EDT – It requires tight integration of all the resources

12:11PM EDT – Cloud, edge, networking

12:10PM EDT – It will take an industrial approach

12:10PM EDT – So the need for continuous updates

12:10PM EDT – The car can only carry 30-40km of data at once

12:10PM EDT – By the end of 2019 (?), Intel and Mobileye will have 2m smart cars on the road

12:09PM EDT – The car will need 10x intelligence compared to today

12:09PM EDT – Once the models are then deployed, then blending the intelligence with the cloud

12:09PM EDT – it’s being send to the cloud which is training the models

12:09PM EDT – 4TB of data per hour generated in a car

12:09PM EDT – (Now he’s describing how autonomous vehicles work)

12:08PM EDT – Vehicles of the future run on data as much as gasoline today

12:08PM EDT – It’s an end-to-end compute problem that exercises all the assets of intel

12:07PM EDT – Intel’s first autonomous test fleet in Santa Clara and in Israel

12:07PM EDT – Solving problems with technology

12:07PM EDT – The greatest data collector example: the car

12:07PM EDT – 41x perf increase since 2006

12:06PM EDT – Driving down the cost of computing, and driving the value of data

12:06PM EDT – Only about 1% is being used to create meaningful business value

12:06PM EDT – 0% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years

12:05PM EDT – Data is the new oil, the new power

12:05PM EDT – (basically non-consumer PC)

12:05PM EDT – Today, half of the Intel revenue is data centric

12:05PM EDT – Data defines the future of the industry

12:05PM EDT – On how Intel will continue to win

12:04PM EDT – Updates on roadmaps

12:04PM EDT – Covering a broad set of products: Xeon, FPGA, ASIC,Connectivity, Optane

12:04PM EDT – Today will be laying out the plans for the strategy for the future

12:04PM EDT – Intel has long been the foundation of the world’s major announcements

12:03PM EDT – Nevin Shenoy to the stage

12:03PM EDT – Silicon foundation covering the portfolio will be discussed

12:03PM EDT – Going from the core datacenter out to the cloud and further to the edge

12:02PM EDT – A chance to show how Intel is servicing is customers

12:02PM EDT – Just going over the goal of today is

12:02PM EDT – VP of DCG, GM of Xeon and Datacenter marketing

12:01PM EDT – Lisa Spelman to the stage

12:00PM EDT – Looks like we’re going to start in a few minutes

12:00PM EDT – And Keller

11:58AM EDT – OK, Koduri has been spotted.

11:56AM EDT – So we’re in battery saver mode and low brightness. Fingers crossed

11:55AM EDT – Last time I got the best part of 3 hours, just writing notes

11:55AM EDT – It’s the battery life more than anything. There’s a discrete GPU in here as well

11:53AM EDT – I have no worries that the laptop will be OK for live blogging

11:50AM EDT – The one with Intel’s 10nm Cannon Lake chip

11:50AM EDT – For those that are interested, today’s Live Website will be done using the Lenovo Ideapad 330

11:48AM EDT – I'll be live blogging the morning schedule for sure. So sit tight, we should start here in about 10-15 minutes

11:47AM EDT – Here's a run down of what's going on today

11:46AM EDT – The one on the left, apparently

11:46AM EDT – There's an Intel rep near to me who says there is a Cascade Lake system on stage

11:46AM EDT – But I'm sat behind him

11:46AM EDT – That's probably backwards and upside down

11:45AM EDT – but

11:45AM EDT – I saw their name badges

11:45AM EDT – Looks like Raja Koduri and Jim Keller are here

11:44AM EDT – Already seen some interesting things

11:44AM EDT – We're sat about 15 minutes early

11:44AM EDT – We're live here at Intel HQ in Santa Clara for the company's 2018 Datacenter Summit. The most lucrative part of Intel's business, the company is looking to pivot entirely from being PC-centric to what the company calls "Data-cetric", meaning an even greater focus on server (Xeon) processors, as well as things like non-volatile memory, compute accelerators, and FPGAs. This event, in turn, serves two purposes for Intel: reassure investors that Intel is on the right track for continued growth, and to outline the technologies and products that will get them there.

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