Intel Persistent Memory Event: Live Website

Wednesday, May 30th, 2018 - Memory, Teknologi

Intel Persistent Memory Event: Live Website

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12:51PM EDT – Intel QLC incoming

12:51PM EDT – Optane DC Persistent Memory below DRAM, Optane SSD above SSD

12:50PM EDT – Bridging the gap between the three tiers

12:50PM EDT – Larger capacities at more affordable price points

12:49PM EDT – Currently today, Intel offers Caching and Fast Storage tier, and Mainstream tier

12:49PM EDT – Capacity sizes for developers to be covered later

12:48PM EDT – Complimentary, but invite only. Have to submit proposal

12:48PM EDT – Weeks rather than months, but no exact date

12:48PM EDT – Available shortly

12:47PM EDT – Announcing for developers, remote access to systems with Optane DC Persistent Memory through Intle Builders Consutrcution Zone

12:46PM EDT – Microsoft, Oracle, redhat, ubuntu, SuSe, VMware

12:46PM EDT – Working with a bunch of companies for a long time

12:46PM EDT – Capability for lots of applications

12:46PM EDT – Applications developed with persistent memory in mind

12:45PM EDT – Larger capacity of memory at lower cost

12:45PM EDT – ‘Crystal Ridge’ ?

12:45PM EDT – Sampling today, Revenue in 2018

12:45PM EDT – Announcements today: Optane DC Persistent Memory

12:45PM EDT – To fundamentally think how applications are architected is difficult

12:43PM EDT – As data exists today, three tiers: Cold Tier (HDD/Tape), Warm (SSD), Hot (DRAM)

12:42PM EDT – Intel has made progress in the industry, but huge amount of potential still there

12:42PM EDT – Data generates data, compounding the benefit

12:41PM EDT – Use cases will be unlocked as people start to look at data as an asset, rather than a burden

12:41PM EDT – Also user generated data

12:40PM EDT – Bandwidth and latency and detail has grown

12:40PM EDT – Map services have evolved as the hardware has evolved

12:39PM EDT – >Sorry, Camera trouble. No network!

12:39PM EDT – $54B TAM in 2017, $73B TAM in 2022, MSS estimate at 35%

12:37PM EDT – Connectivity about removing bottlenecks around networking: Omni-Path, Silicon Photonics

12:37PM EDT – Acceleration includes new instructions for DL training and FPGAs

12:37PM EDT – A more holistic value of performance across compute, storage, acceleration and connectivity

12:36PM EDT – Intel is more than a CPU company

12:36PM EDT – Drivers revolve around latency – the ability to compute and respond as quickly as possible

12:35PM EDT – Almost three hours of talks this morning, first up Lisa Spelman covering the Data Center market

12:35PM EDT – Time for an unexpected Live Website. I’m in San Francisco at Intel’s building discussing Persisteant Memory

12:34PM EDT – It’s a Live Website! More Optane in bound, looks like Apache Pass.

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