MRAM Developer Day, GlobalFoundries Keynote Live Website

Monday, August 6th, 2018 - Storage, Teknologi

MRAM Developer Day, GlobalFoundries Keynote Live Website

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12:52PM EDT – Break it up into two main areas : Datacenter (high-end training and inferencing)

12:52PM EDT – AI is a key part of the semiconductor 7% CAGR

12:51PM EDT – Need best in class compute and RF to get max benefit

12:51PM EDT – If you put good MRAM on a mediocre platform, that’s not going to win

12:50PM EDT – Instant On for IoT is important

12:50PM EDT – MRAM offers power and area savings

12:48PM EDT – Perf, Connectivity, Memory, Sensory, Storage, Battery, Security, Packaging, IP, Integration

12:47PM EDT – Some characteristics matter more depending on the IoT device

12:47PM EDT – The SoC Differentiator – to build value

12:46PM EDT – 17 levels of metal at 7nm

12:46PM EDT – RF is important across all segments

12:46PM EDT – Speed and memory types vary

12:45PM EDT – Low power in 40-130nm, Mid range in 22-28nm, High perf at 12-14nm

12:45PM EDT – Mobile Segment, Compute Segment, Automotive Segment, Aerospace segment

12:44PM EDT – IoT is not a segment – it’s a collection of applications spread across segments

12:44PM EDT – Have a good overall cost of ownership

12:43PM EDT – Needing to have the right capability in the technololgy

12:43PM EDT – End-to-end solutions are important

12:43PM EDT – IoT is a very broad set of applications

12:43PM EDT – Connectivity is a big role in each space

12:43PM EDT – Potential $63B TAM in 2025

12:42PM EDT – Today is mostly IoT and AI related

12:42PM EDT – anticipating what the segments need from a total perspective

12:42PM EDT – GF has a dual lane roadmap to tackle high performance and low power

12:42PM EDT – The key is to know what will drive growth and what will need it

12:41PM EDT – Growth comes from many areas – mobile computing, IoT, AI, AR/MR/VR

12:41PM EDT – 7% memory growth rate

12:40PM EDT – Michael Mendicinoj, VP on stage

12:40PM EDT – Second Keynote today is from GlobalFoundries, Everspin’s MRAM partner.

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