MWC 2019: Xiaomi Mi 9 Global Launch Press Event Live Website (9:30am UTC)

Sunday, February 24th, 2019 - Smartphones, Teknologi

MWC 2019: Xiaomi Mi 9 Global Launch Press Event Live Website (9:30am UTC)


04:20AM EST – Xiaomi recently launched the Mi 9 in China, and today at MWC the company will launch it globally. We’re here ready to report on the launch, as well as looking out for any extra announcements.

04:23AM EST – Less than 10 minutes to go, and this is by far Xiaomi’s biggest press event at MWC

04:23AM EST – They’ve hired out Palau de Congressos de Catalunya, which in the past Samsung has used

04:25AM EST – Ian is on text, Anton is standing nearer the front to do the photos

04:29AM EST – Just before it begins, we get a video of the other products Xiaomi makes

04:29AM EST – Air purifiers, IP cameras, floor cleaners, clocks

04:30AM EST – Mood lighting

04:31AM EST – Xiaomi is one of the companies that plays off of its fan base a lot, at both official events and fan events. They’ve started inviting the most serious Xiaomi fans to events like this, alongside press and partners

04:32AM EST – It’s clear that Xiaomi should have booked a bigger hall. Typically the first press event of the day gets a crazy big reception

04:34AM EST – Five minute call, looks like we’re starting a little bit late

04:37AM EST – Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm is here

04:38AM EST – So something 5G is clearly going to be discussed

04:39AM EST – Here we go

04:40AM EST – Dominic Sung (?) to the stage

04:40AM EST – this is Xiaomi’s first product launch at an MWC

04:40AM EST – The theme is ‘make it happen’

04:41AM EST – This explains Xiaomi’s attitude as a young company

04:41AM EST – Xiaomi always has the mentality to make it happen

04:41AM EST – Uniquely built by fans for fans

04:41AM EST – Invited Xiaomi Fans to the event. They’re at the front, rather than the press. Of course

04:42AM EST – The fans are the reason for innovation

04:42AM EST – ‘Mi Explorers’

04:42AM EST – In 2014, did 10b in US revenue

04:42AM EST – In 2017, did 15b in US revenue

04:43AM EST – #4 Smartphone brand in the world, 32% YoY growth according to analysts

04:43AM EST – 224 million active smartphone users (what?)

04:43AM EST – First market Xiaomi entered in Europe was Spain

04:43AM EST – Entered UK in November

04:44AM EST – #1 for open market sales in spain in 15 months

04:44AM EST – Many people know Xiaomi as a smartphone company, but we have a full range of ecosystem IoT products

04:44AM EST – #1 in wearables due to popular Mi Band

04:44AM EST – Mi e-Scooters are also popular

04:45AM EST – Shipped over 560k Mi Scooters

04:45AM EST – Best selling personal transportation device in 2018

04:45AM EST – Also number one smart TV brand in China

04:45AM EST – Also shipping to India and other countries

04:45AM EST – 2000+ Xiaomi ecosystem product portfolio

04:46AM EST – Over 0 partner companies

04:46AM EST – smart lighting with Philips

04:46AM EST – World’s largest consumer IoT platform

04:47AM EST – Time for a Mi Home demo

04:47AM EST – Buy online or offline

04:48AM EST – Smart door, smart TV

04:48AM EST – Smart purifier with smart voice assistant

04:49AM EST – Google Assistant

04:49AM EST – Obviously, live demo fails

04:49AM EST – Control lighting with smartphone app

04:51AM EST – All products are created with four pillars

04:51AM EST – Innocation, Quality, something, something

04:52AM EST – Today is focusing on innovation and 5G

04:52AM EST – This year is very different. 5G will become reality

04:52AM EST – Driving smartphone and IoT

04:52AM EST – Xiaomi is focused on Smartphone and AIoT

04:52AM EST – A dual line strategy

04:53AM EST – investing over $1.47b USD in next few years

04:53AM EST – 5G enables faster speeds, low latency, and increased connectivity

04:53AM EST – What does 5G mean to consumers?

04:55AM EST – More people, more devices, communicating more and faster

04:55AM EST – IoT can play in 5G as well

04:55AM EST – 5G + AI = intelligent connectivity for IoT through the cloud

04:55AM EST – not only person-to-person comms, but person-to-device and device-to-device

04:55AM EST – Enabling new use cases

04:56AM EST – with xiaomi’s full range of devices, the company is greatly positioned to drive innovations

04:56AM EST – Already ahead in the 5G era

04:56AM EST – Started researching early in 5G

04:57AM EST – contributed to narrowband-IoT standard

04:57AM EST – Pushing 5G as early as possible

04:57AM EST – Connected a smartphone to a 5G network in September 2018

04:57AM EST – Xiaomi has entered the 5G era

04:58AM EST – at the forefront of the next wave of 5G innovation

04:58AM EST – Cristiano Amon to the stage

04:58AM EST – President of qualcomm

04:58AM EST – Talking about the partnership between Xiaomi and Qualcomm

04:59AM EST – Xiaomi was one of the first companies to bring Snapdragon 800 to the Chinese market

04:59AM EST – Qualcomm likes to work with Xiaomi because they take risks

04:59AM EST – Qualcomm wants to create winners

04:59AM EST – 5G is here. In 2019.

05:00AM EST – The year of 5G

05:00AM EST – In the hands of consumers as early as Q2 2019

05:00AM EST – transition will be faster than to 4G

05:00AM EST – users are now more educated

05:01AM EST – With the launch of 4G, Qualcomm had 2 operators. Today with 5G, there are 20 operators

05:01AM EST – Xiaomi will be well positioned

05:01AM EST – We’ll think different about our devices

05:01AM EST – Multi-gigabit speeds and low latency

05:01AM EST – unlimited speeds, unlimited data-rates, unlimited connectivity

05:01AM EST – 4K video is going to be as easy as streaming music

05:02AM EST – Generate and share content

05:02AM EST – The low latency will create virtual presence

05:02AM EST – Going to change connectivity and bring innovation

05:02AM EST – It doesn’t just stop at phones – connecting everything

05:03AM EST – Because 5G enables the user to be connected with the cloud 100% of the time, you will start to see the apps in the cloud instead

05:03AM EST – It is less about the OS, more about the experience

05:03AM EST – bringing cloud machine learning to devices

05:03AM EST – This is how we see change in the smartphone

05:03AM EST – Leveraging computing in the cloud

05:04AM EST – All of this will come to live in 2019 with the Snapdragon 855 + X50 modem

05:04AM EST – Xiaomi understand the value of premium

05:04AM EST – 855 is the fastest mobile platform

05:04AM EST – driving a new array of experiences

05:04AM EST – evolving connectivity and ML at the same time

05:04AM EST – 4th Gen AI engine on S855

05:04AM EST – 2x faster than the nearest android competitor

05:05AM EST – AI will see the fastest growth inside a 5G device

05:05AM EST – 855 offers Elite Gaming

05:05AM EST – It’s not just about faster graphics

05:05AM EST – Unleashing the power of mobile

05:06AM EST – Mobile Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries

05:06AM EST – ‘With the launch of the Xiaomi 5G device’

05:06AM EST – Proud of the partnership

05:06AM EST – Xiaomi Mix 3 5G

05:06AM EST – Looks like Cristiano just announced the new phone

05:07AM EST – ok now Donovan Sung to the stage

05:07AM EST – Mi MIX 3 5G

05:07AM EST – one of the world’s first commercial 5G smartphones

05:07AM EST – coming to market very soon

05:07AM EST – Snapdragon 855 + X50 modem

05:08AM EST – All new Kryo 485, +45% perf

05:08AM EST – All new Kryo 485, +45% perf

05:08AM EST – New fast download speeds

05:09AM EST – Now for a video call demo

05:10AM EST – Live 5G call

05:10AM EST – First Xiaomi 5G call outside of china

05:11AM EST – Real 5G, not fake 5G

05:11AM EST – Made through Orange

05:11AM EST – Bringing 5G across western Europe

05:12AM EST – Mi MIX 3 features coming to 5G: Ceramic Centeng, magnetic slider

05:12AM EST – Forbes, XDA Developers

05:13AM EST – 6.39-inch, 93.4% screen to Centeng ratio

05:13AM EST – Same camera module as Mi MIX 3

05:13AM EST – Dedicated Google Assistant button

05:13AM EST – Two colors – Onyx black and sapphire blue

05:13AM EST – Dual 12MP cameras, 960 fps

05:14AM EST – 3800 mAh battery

05:14AM EST – Now price

05:15AM EST – From 599 Euro

05:15AM EST – Cheapest 5G device announced so far

05:15AM EST – Vodafone, Telefonica

05:16AM EST – Available from May

05:16AM EST – That’s impressive

05:16AM EST – Next product

05:16AM EST – is Mi 9

05:17AM EST – First ever Xiaomi triple camera phone

05:18AM EST – Curved design

05:18AM EST – Two colors – Ocean Blue, Lavender Violet

05:19AM EST – Multiple-stage back cover process

05:19AM EST – nano-level color patterning, reflective coating, corning gorilla glass 5

05:19AM EST – holographic rainbow spectrum effect

05:19AM EST – Halo ring accent on top camear

05:19AM EST – camera

05:20AM EST – Sapphire glass cover on rear cameras

05:20AM EST – Launching in three offical colors in West EU: and also piano black

05:21AM EST – Mi 8 was a popular flagship device. Mi 8 was curved edge but flat in the middle.

05:21AM EST – Mi 9 is a fully curved device

05:21AM EST – Quoting Gaudi

05:21AM EST – Certified by the Gaudi Academy of Knowledge

05:22AM EST – 173g

05:22AM EST – 7.61mm

05:22AM EST – 6.39-inch


05:23AM EST – Reading Mode to reduce blue

05:23AM EST – in-screen fingerprint

05:24AM EST – Triple camera

05:25AM EST – Shoot like a pro

05:25AM EST – Three cameras – top 12MP telephoto, 48MP Sony IMX586, 16MP ultra wide angle

05:25AM EST – Zoom in 2x optical

05:27AM EST – Photo examples

05:28AM EST – 1/2″ CMOS sensor

05:29AM EST – f/1.75 aperture, laser autofocus

05:29AM EST – AI smart metering

05:30AM EST – night photography

05:30AM EST – 12MP telephoto lens

05:31AM EST – more photo demos

05:31AM EST – AI software will suggest different shots

05:32AM EST – Portrait Mode

05:32AM EST – Wide Portrait Mode

05:32AM EST – Also video

05:33AM EST – Xiaomi party tonight, apparently

05:33AM EST – Supports 4cm macro photography

05:34AM EST – >The ultimate test is PC components

05:34AM EST – Also, 960 fps video

05:34AM EST – looks like 720p or less

05:36AM EST – Working with DXO Mark

05:36AM EST – Overall score 108, Video 99, 111 Photo

05:36AM EST – 112

05:36AM EST – Top video score in the world

05:37AM EST – Now for photos on Mi 9

05:39AM EST – 20MP selfie camera

05:40AM EST – Snapdragon 855

05:41AM EST – Why oh why is Xiaomi showing AnTuTu scores

05:42AM EST – 3300 mAh battery

05:42AM EST – high performance wireless charging

05:43AM EST – 20W wireless charge

05:43AM EST – 100% charge in 0 minutes

05:43AM EST – TUV certified

05:44AM EST – Sold separately, 20W Qi compatible fast wireless charger

05:44AM EST – Now Price

05:45AM EST – 6+64 and 6+128 options

05:45AM EST – From 449 Euro for 6+64

05:46AM EST – 499 Euro for 6GB+128GB

05:46AM EST – half the price of the S10

05:46AM EST – Preorders in spain today, available autorized stores and online soon

05:46AM EST – Italy and France pre-orders today too

05:47AM EST – One more product

05:47AM EST – Mi LED Smart Bulb

05:47AM EST – 16m colors

05:47AM EST – Supports Google Assistant and Alexa

05:48AM EST – Control through Mi Home app

05:48AM EST – Lasts up to 11 years

05:49AM EST – Price

05:49AM EST – 19.9 Euro

05:49AM EST – White and Color

05:50AM EST – Philips White Smart bulb for 9.9 Euro

05:50AM EST – partner with Xiaomi

05:50AM EST – Looks like that’s a wrap. We’ll see if there’s a hands-on area.

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