Qualcomm Tech Summit, Day 1 Live Website (Starts at 2pm ET)

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Qualcomm Tech Summit, Day 1 Live Website (Starts at 2pm ET)

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02:32PM EST – Have to invent new technologies to fuel innovation

02:32PM EST – Also alongside AI developing new markets

02:31PM EST – Upgrading the mature smartphone market with new business models and being competitive with the innovation

02:31PM EST – 5G is so important, the entire industry is moving at the same pace

02:31PM EST – Also Australia / SEA

02:31PM EST – Japan – 2H2019 for commercial services

02:30PM EST – December 1st is known as 5G day in Korea

02:30PM EST – Also Korea

02:30PM EST – In order to get full 5G capabilities, China Mobile has to reduce its 4G spectrum by 30%

02:29PM EST – China Mobile event this week

02:29PM EST – Trials of sub 6 GHz and mmWave

02:29PM EST – (so China 5G in 2020)

02:29PM EST – Also China, and moving on a similar scale with pre-commercial launch in 2019

02:28PM EST – committments from operators

02:28PM EST – No longer a lag to the rest of the world for carriers either – EU operators also at the leading edge

02:27PM EST – The US is moving launches in 2019 for mmWave and sub-6 GHz

02:27PM EST – Various markets have activity on 5G at once

02:27PM EST – ‘Our competitors get billboards in airports about 5G (a dig at Intel), whereas QC actually has demos’

02:26PM EST – Recap of the history of 5G / mmWave

02:26PM EST – Demo area later today for the press

02:26PM EST – Only months away from commercialization

02:26PM EST – Identifying users on the correct networki

02:25PM EST – Took a lot of work to get the 5G icon on the top notification bar

02:25PM EST – Using the new snapdragon chipset

02:25PM EST – in a smartphone form factor, including mmWave >24 GHz

02:25PM EST – 5G NR reference platform

02:24PM EST – The step into the first half of 2019

02:24PM EST – Moving from smartphones to cars to every electronic devices

02:24PM EST – in the final stages of 5G, flagship smartphones coming soon in 2019

02:24PM EST – live 5G network demos later today

02:23PM EST – 5G in this hotel with AT&T and Verizon

02:23PM EST – 5G is here, it isn’t far off

02:23PM EST – 5G should be a basic infrastructure like electricity

02:23PM EST – Bringin connected to wired devices or devices that haven’t been connencted at all

02:23PM EST – Embracing the Always Connected PC because that’s where the end game is

02:22PM EST – Interesting announcements in the next two days

02:22PM EST – Changing the wireless use cases, such as thinking about the connected enterprise

02:22PM EST – Primary focus on smartphones for speed and responsiveness

02:22PM EST – Bringing a new area of connectivity

02:21PM EST – Excitement for 5G, a big event for HI and for Qualcomm

02:21PM EST – Amon back to the stage

02:21PM EST – Become a paradise for technology

02:20PM EST – Advocate for STEM in HI

02:20PM EST – Critical for future succcess

02:20PM EST – Also in education

02:20PM EST – Impact for 5G

02:20PM EST – Impact in rural communities for telehealth and telemedicine

02:20PM EST – HI is a fast adoptor of new technologies

02:19PM EST – HI is a closed system to help for testing technologies

02:19PM EST – 5G will help to the goal of HI being 100% renewable by 2045

02:19PM EST – The impact will be expansive for the whole island

02:19PM EST – Growing the economic benefit beyond the smartphone – agriculture, environemnt, vehicles, AI/ML

02:18PM EST – Accelerate the benefits of the mobile industry

02:18PM EST – Excited for the 5G powered future

02:18PM EST – Ige started his career as an engineer in the wireless industry

02:18PM EST – We do know that it has an impact on the economy due to the business opportunities that will become avaialble

02:17PM EST – The next gen of wireless will make a tremendous impact in HI

02:17PM EST – Transitioning from package tours to independent travelers

02:17PM EST – Study or vacation, people rely on their smartphones for island experiences

02:16PM EST – Destination for millions every year from around the world

02:16PM EST – Welcoming everyone to HI

02:16PM EST – David Ige

02:16PM EST – Governer of Hawaii to the stage

02:15PM EST – Start with a special guest

02:15PM EST – Five (?) months away

02:15PM EST – The potential goes beyond what we can think of today

02:15PM EST – Going beyond the smartphone, for consumers and enterprise, with new business models

02:15PM EST – The mobile, wireless, and infrastructure industry has evolved since, and they understand each other

02:14PM EST – This transition will be much bigger than 3G/4G

02:14PM EST – This is why 5G has so much momentum, we look at the possibilities with 5G

02:14PM EST – When we look at 5G, we look at how 4G changed everything

02:13PM EST – fundamentally changing how people do business

02:13PM EST – Always connected in a smart world, driving innoation across industries

02:13PM EST – As a company, Qualcomm bets on improvements in wireless technology

02:12PM EST – Devices become faster and smarter

02:12PM EST – Every decade in the wireless industy transition to a new standard

02:12PM EST – Responsibility to partners and users

02:12PM EST – Focusing on creating new standards and technologies

02:11PM EST – months away from launching 5G

02:11PM EST – Building the 5G future

02:11PM EST – Cristiano to the stage

02:10PM EST – >video of insights time

02:10PM EST – Tapping into key insights

02:09PM EST – These users want technology to be leading edge, to be first

02:09PM EST – Meet the demands of the next generation of users

02:09PM EST – can all be defined by Snapdragon

02:09PM EST – Automotive, wearables, healthcare

02:09PM EST – From the wrist to the car

02:08PM EST – Services are becoming integral to our lives

02:08PM EST – High perf, low power, fast connectivity

02:08PM EST – Enabling partners to differentiate

02:08PM EST – Snapdragon in 1b devices worldwide

02:07PM EST – Consumer preference for the Snapdragon brand has increased 3x in a year

02:07PM EST – At the core is a new Snapdragon processor

02:07PM EST – A new decade of wireless is here now from Qualcomm

02:07PM EST – ‘Making the impossible possible’

02:06PM EST – Three day event

02:06PM EST – Over 330 media

02:06PM EST – Penny Baldwin and Don McGuire

02:06PM EST – To the stage, Qualcomm CMO and VP Product marketing

02:02PM EST – We have a 1-on-1 interview with him later today, so get some questions in below

02:02PM EST – Opening keynote, so we expect to see Cristano Amon, President of Qualcomm

01:58PM EST – Just about to begin, final call for seats

01:57PM EST – ~350 press and analysts here this year

01:57PM EST – We’re ready to roll. Front row, middle seat

01:55PM EST – Qualcomm’s 3rd Annual Tech Summit in Maui, HI, starts today. Join us at 2pm ET (7pm UTC) for live coverage of today’s announcements. Given what’s going to be important in 2019, we expect to hear a lot about 5G. Aloha from Hawaii, but keep an eye out for the humuhumunukunukuapua’a

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