The Apple 2017 iPhone Event Live Website

Tuesday, September 12th, 2017 - Apple, Teknologi

The Apple 2017 iPhone Event Live Website

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01:09PM EDT – A new Apple retail store will go in here as well

01:09PM EDT – Also boasting about the solar installation and the design of the park

01:08PM EDT – Tim is now talking about the new theater and park

01:07PM EDT – Apple will start moving in to the new campus later this year

01:06PM EDT – Now Tim is taking a moment to talk about the recent hurricanes that have hit the US, Cuba, and the Caribbean

01:06PM EDT – So today Tim honors him

01:05PM EDT – Jobs of course being instrumental in getting the city of Cupertino to approve the project

01:05PM EDT – As for the theater and Apple’s overall Apple Park campus, those were in the early design stage when he passed away

01:04PM EDT – Apple has never completely moved past Jobs. But at the same time they don’t want to. His principles still definite the company

01:03PM EDT – Tim is starting things off by welcoming us to the Steve Jobs theater, and taking the time to remember Jobs

01:02PM EDT – Now on stage: Tim Cook

12:59PM EDT – Alright, and here we go

12:59PM EDT – Though unlike Apple’s product teams, their core engineering teams seem to do a good job of avoiding leaks, so we may not be able to get too much info

12:59PM EDT – Suffice it to say, I’m eager to dig into A11 when the time comes

12:58PM EDT – In Apple’s corner at least for A11 though is that both Samsung and TSMC have “10nm” processes up and running, TSMCs having been used for the A10X

12:57PM EDT – I am curious to see what Apple does with the big cores. So far they’ve continued to make good strides, but it’s not possible to avoid the practical limits information theory and IPC gains forever

12:56PM EDT – A10, for referenec, had 2 of each, and would move tasks between them. Whereas this sounds like more of a true heterogeneous setup

12:55PM EDT – Which is supposed to have, for the first time in Apple’s history, a asymmetrical core layout: 2 big cores, 4 small cores

12:55PM EDT – All 3 phones are rumored to use Apple’s new A11 SoC

12:54PM EDT – I’m also hoping we’ll see a new small phone. But that’s likely to be more of a mid-cycle announcement

12:54PM EDT – The 8s would be tradiitonal sized and configured iPhones, while the X is said to be an even larger phone that’s almost entirely screen (and with no home button)

12:53PM EDT – iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and then the iPhone X (Edition)

12:53PM EDT – Getting back to the subject at hand, the leaks are pointing to 3 iPhones

12:53PM EDT – I’m also told that there’s power at most seats. And that it’s not working. Apple clearly had to work quickly to get this setup in time

12:51PM EDT – The event should kick off here at 10am sharp. However with a new venue, Apple may need to be flexible

12:51PM EDT – There are plenty of Apple base stations… and plenty of people running their own, as well

12:50PM EDT – The WiFi is also looking good, at least so far

12:49PM EDT – (Which my legs appreciate)

12:49PM EDT – Importantly, it’s a lot larger than the theater on Apple’s old campus. So the press is less compressed

12:49PM EDT – The Steve Jobs theater is set inside a hill towards the edge of the campus

12:48PM EDT – Besides the iPhone and the Apple Watch, a big part of Apple’s presentation will of course include formally unveiling their new campus

12:47PM EDT – So Apple may yet surprise us

12:47PM EDT – At any rate, of the things we do know, we don’t know if we know everything (an unknown unknown)

12:46PM EDT – Apple had a definite leaking problem this year. And according to regular Apple insider John Gruber, it looks like the leaks are inside as well as outside

12:45PM EDT – If you’ve been watching the rumors, then you likely already have a good idea of what to expect

12:45PM EDT – The big announcement today is of course the new iPhone

12:43PM EDT – Hey all, we’re live here at Apple’s Steve Jobs theater, inside their new campus

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