The Apple 2019 iPhone Event Live Website (10am PT)

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The Apple 2019 iPhone Event Live Website (10am PT)

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01:24PM EDT – Taking full advantage of iPadOS

01:24PM EDT – 2x faster than the nearest PC at the price

01:23PM EDT – 3.5M pixels

01:23PM EDT – New larger, 10.2″ display with smaller bezels.

01:22PM EDT – 6th generation iPad is being replaced by the new 7th gen unit

01:22PM EDT – Talking about the 9.7″ iPad

01:21PM EDT – Over 1M apps specifically designed for the iPad.

01:21PM EDT – iPadOS pushed the boundaries of new features – new specific features to the iPad

01:21PM EDT – A huge year for the iPad – all new lineup

01:20PM EDT – iPad next.

01:20PM EDT – When you buy any new major Apple device, you get Apple TV+ for free for 1 year.

01:19PM EDT – Will be available over 100 countries at launch, $4.99 family subscription.

01:19PM EDT – Apple TV+ first shows will be available November 1st

01:15PM EDT – “See” with Jason Momoa – sounds like some dystopic sci-fi.

01:14PM EDT – Talking about new Apple TV shows and feedback.

01:13PM EDT – $4.99 per month with 1 month free trial.

01:12PM EDT – Many developers will be jumping onto Apple Arcade, and will be starting September 19th

01:10PM EDT – Annapurna Interactive next up.

01:10PM EDT – “Available only on Apple arcade” – I wonder how many publisher will jump onto this

01:08PM EDT – “Shinsekai Into The Depths” if I heard it right

01:08PM EDT – CAPCOM is next up

01:07PM EDT – Moving on…

01:06PM EDT – “Frogger in toytown”

01:05PM EDT – Konami is the first publisher to talk about the new games they’ll offer.

01:05PM EDT – New arcade tab in the app store with new games regularly published under a subscription service

01:04PM EDT – “No game service has launched as much games at once”

01:04PM EDT – “First game subscription service for desktop, mobile and TV”

01:03PM EDT – Starting with the new App Store and Apple Arcade

01:03PM EDT – No updates this year, getting right into the new stuff.

01:03PM EDT – Big announcements in hardware, software and services today.

01:03PM EDT – Tim Cook starting the show “Giving people the tools to do great things”

01:01PM EDT – The show’s starting, intro video playing.

12:54PM EDT – The event should be starting in 5 minutes. Hanging in there.

12:54PM EDT – The fall season is approaching yet again, and it’s time again for another round of iPhone updates, representing Apple’s newest 2019 mobile hardware. The event should be starting at 10am PT, and the show again takes place on the Apple Park campus in the Steve Jobs theatre. This year we’re expecting a new refresh of last year’s iPhone XS, XS Max and XR models. We’re still not quite sure what Apple is going to be calling the new phones, but if the numerous leaks prove to be true, we’ll be seeing incremental design updates with a new in-vogue triple-camera setup as being the key new features of the phones, as well as naturally Apple introducing new internal hardware such as the new Apple A13 SoC, which might bring some surprises to the table this year.

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